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The filter unit on the continental rotary high pressure fuel pumps perform an important function of final stage filtering of fine particle impurities before it reaches the hpfp pump chamber or worse, the injectors leading to leaky injectors. The problem with them is that they are extremely tiny and restrictive and sometimes even rupture failing to filter at all. The issue becomes worse when running high performance products like the Spool Helix overdrive system because now you have an increased flow requirement through this filter that it just cannot keep up. 

 We designed the Spool High Performance Stainless Steel 10 Micron inline filter unit to solve exactly this. The unit comprises of an aluminum filter body with an internal high quality stainless steel washable and 100% E85 compatible ultra fine mesh 10 micron filter unit. The kit can flow up to 6 GPM which is way over engineered for anything the platform can throw at it right now. 

The kit also comes with Spool high quality aluminum fittings and steel braided PTFE lines to replace the non E85 compatible  BMW OEM rubber short line.

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