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Spool Performance is proud to offer our in-house B58 Gen1 Exhaust Cam Fuel Lobe Mod service to take full advantage of our high pressure pump and injector lineup for B58 Direct Injected fuel system. Customers would need to ship their exhaust camshaft to our facility where it would thoroughly cleaned, cam profile modified in our CNC live tooling lathes, polished and re-hardened before getting shipped back out. The updated cam profile provides more lift and results in a 40% increase in HPFP output. The process usually takes 2 business days. 

Combined with our FX-200 pumps and IFX injectors, the updated cam profile can flow north of 900whp on full E85 and north of 1000whp on E50 or less. DI-only capabilities has never been this exciting!

Note: Only compatible with Spool Performance FX pumps. 

If you are an existing customer with both our FX-200 and IFX injectors, please email us @ for a 30% discount code on the CAM mod.

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