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The C63 & the C63S AMG is equipped with a 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine that uses a water to air cooling system to cool down its charge air pressure. So, charged air is not cooled by rushing air being forced through the intercooler but is cooled with its own cooling water circuit. In order to reduce the temperature of the charged air we need to reduce the temperature of the coolant going into the water to air intercooler. This is exactly where the advantages of the Spool Performance upgraded heat exchangers come into play.
The newly developed competition racing core used in the Spool Performance high performance heat exchangers almost doubles the volume of the OEM heat exchangers. This massive volume increase, significantly reduce charge air temps by adding capacity to your heat exchanger circuit. The water coolers are equipped with a heat-conductive anti corrosion coating to ensure a lasting cooling effect.



            Spool Performance Front and Auxiliary Heat Exchanger Benefits.

·       OEM heat exchanger volume 7430 cm3 vs 13250 cm3 (56% increase).

·       Stock Volume the side heat exchanger 1620 cm3 vs 3000 cm3 (54% increase).

·       CNC machined fittings for a perfect fitment every time with no leaks.

·       Will directly fit on to the factory Brackets and lines

·       Heat Exchangers come coated in a heat-conductive anti corrosion coating to ensure a long-lasting cooling effect

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