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With the use of high-pressure pumps now supporting DI fueling, we have found the low-pressure electric fuel pumps that deliver fuel from the tank to the high pressure pumps to be a bottleneck while chasing high horsepower, especially on E85 fuel. Our Stage 3 LPFP (Low-Pressure Fuel Pump System) for the BMW S63 platform is a solution for this. The kit features a boost activated secondary fuel pump bringing you to a dual pump setup and provides almost double the flow from the stock pump. It should be more than enough for over 1200whp worth of low-pressure fueling regardless of fuel type.

Kit includes:

-Secondary Fuel Pump Upgrade Assembly

-Secondary Fuel Pump Activation Harness

-Hobbs Switch for Boost Activation

-Fuel Hoses, Clamps, Hardware Needed for Complete Installation

Vehicle Fitment:

5' F10, M5, Sedan, S63N
6' F06 Gran Coupé, M6, Gran Coupé, S63N
6' F12, M6, Convertible, S63N
6' F12 LCI, M6, Convertible, S63N
6' F13, M6, Coupe, S63N
6' F13 LCI, M6, Coupe, S63N

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