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N54 performance products

BMW N54 Piezo DI Injector cleaning service
The Piezo DI injectors used on direct injected BMW motors are one of the highest flowing DI injector..
E9X/E8X Stage 2 Bucketless Low Pressure Fuel Pump
Stage 2 Bucketless Fuel Pump:This Low-Pressure Fuel Pump delivers more than double the flow of a sto..
Helix HPFP Overdrive Unit
Please Visit: &nbs..
High Performance Stainless Steel 10 Micron inline filter unit
Why You Need It:The filter unit on the continental rotary high pressure fuel pumps perform an import..
Spool HELIX Overdrive billet Aluminum vac cover mounting plates
The Aircraft grade Aluminum Billet plates are manufactured as an insurance policy against the stock ..
SPOOL Helix support bracket [N54]
**Please note all new purchases of Helix kits now come standard with this bracket, so purchasing thi..
Wireless Ethanol Analyzer Kit [N54/N55] E9x/E8x/E6x
The Spool wireless Ethanol Analyzer kit is a very cost-effective and robust ethanol content and fuel..
E9X/E8X Bucketless Stage 3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump
Fuel Line upgrade option:     Our Fully E85 compatible Pro Fuel line is Nylon and Sta..
E60 535i Stage 2 Low Pressure Fuel Pump
This fuel pump upgrade for the BMW E60 100% E85 compatible and flows more than double compared to th..
Z4 Stage 2 Low Pressure Fuel Pump
This fuel pump upgrade for the BMW Z4 100% E85 compatible and flows  more fuel than stock. The ..
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