PURCHASERS OF SPOOL PERFORMANCE LLC PRODUCTS ACKNOWLEDGE THE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH MODIFYING A MOTOR VEHICLE FROM ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION WITH THE USE OF AFTERMARKET PERFORMANCE PARTS. SPOOL PERFORMANCE LLC MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS THAT ITS PRODUCTS CAN REDUCE OR ELIMINATE ANY SUCH RISK. SPOOL PERFORMANCE LLC products are NOT FOR STREET USE and are intended ONLY for race vehicles operated on closed-course facilities or race tracks with appropriate supervision of qualified technicians or mechanics to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver and others are met.

Federal and state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperative of any part or element of design affecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles used for transporting persons or property on public streets or highways.   Use or installation of performance parts may adversely affect the drivability and reliability of your vehicle, and may also affect or eliminate your insurance coverage, factory warranty, and/or new OEM part warranty. SPOOL PERFORMANCE LLC products could be combined with other products or parts that may not be suitable and could adversely affect the performance of other race parts or the vehicle. The user shall determine the ultimate suitability and safety of the product for its intended use, and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection therewith. 


Spool Performance warrants to the original consumer purchaser for as long as they own their automobile that Spool Performance Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent owners. Should defects in material or workmanship exist during the applicable warranty period in any Spool Performance product, the company will elect at its discretion to either repair or replace the defective material. This warranty covers only parts and materials of the Products supplied by Spool Performance. Not covered under this warranty is labor, to remove and reinstall the product and/or related components. This warranty shall become void if the products are in any way modified, improperly installed, or damaged prior to or during the installation. Furthermore, this warranty will not apply to damages caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, acts of God, exposure to extreme temperatures, normal incidental deterioration such as nicks, scratches, abrasions,  and natural aging whether resulting from the effects of normal wear and tear or abnormal use. Spool Performance reserves the right to alter design, specifications,  and material without obligation to make similar changes to Products previously manufactured. The repair(s) or replacement(s) is contingent upon the current Product offerings within the Spool Performance Products at the time of the warranty claim. If a warranty claim is filed after a Spool Performance Product becomes obsolete, Spool Performance reserves the right to honor the warranty by replacing the affected component with a new component of the same function. This warranty sets forth your sole and exclusive remedy as to a warranty holder for the Product. In no case will Spool Performance be liable to you or to any other person for any consequential, special, or indirect losses or damages of any kind. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF AND SPOOL PERFORMANCE DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. TO THE EXTENT ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES MAY NONETHELESS EXIST BY OPERATION OF LAW, SUCH WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION PROVIDED BY LAW. Claims must be initiated through Spool Performance. To initiate a claim, please email us at The claimant will be required to provide proof of ownership and the date of Product purchase and may be required to return the Product or component to Spool Performance prior to receiving a replacement unit.