SPOOL PERFORMANCE is a team of young and intelligent engineers who use their love for cars and educational background to develop top-quality performance products.

Our goal at SPOOL PERFORMANCE is to offer the highest quality parts for the most affordable price without sacrificing performance. We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceeding the industry standard for customer service, performance, and product quality. Before the release of any of our products, our engineers at SPOOL PERFORMANCE make sure that our products will live up to expectations. The development of any part goes through stages of rigorous research, CAD designing, prototype development, CFD analysis, and endurance testing. Fitment, functionality, and longevity are extensively tested before any product makes it to our website for sales. During our beta testing stage, testers from all across the nation and often around the world will push our products to the limit to make sure that our products exceed customer expectations in different environmental settings and across a variety of different power levels our customers are at.

SPOOL PERFORMANCE was built on a foundation of integrity and this is why we take such pride in our products. But we don’t stop at offering products that are superior in quality. We try our best at SPOOL PERFORMANCE to match our products' high level of performance and quality when it comes to customer service. Our customer service team is always on standby to answer any questions or concerns about the product and its application. We understand no matter how many hours of testing and engineering goes into a product; issues can still come up. But as our customer, you can be rest assured that If any problem was to arise with SPOOL PERFORMANCE products we will be there by your side to look into the cause of the issue and work with you to the best of our ability to resolve it.


This is who we are; this is what you can count on. And these are the industry standards we take pride in the setting.